Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Me: Are you a naughty girl?
My six-year-old cousin: No.
Me: Are you not a naughty girl?
Msyoc: Yes.
Me: Are you not not not a naughty girl?

After 5 seconds...

Mysoc: Yes.

Damn, she's smart.


Damn fucking stressed out.

Exam papers to sort out (trust me, that's seriously hard work), P.E. test due next Friday (and I'm not done with class 2B yet), Origami papers flying all over the place, books to correct, stuff to pack/sort out (we're moving house on the 7th of May!! Yay!!!! Goodbye, old 700sq flat. Hello, 3 storey semi-D!!!), and students are commenting that I'm rewearing my clothes to school (yes, that stresses me out, too).


My reputation is ruined. Now people are gonna think I'm one of those unfashionables who wear the same dress every other day 'cause they're not bothered whether people remember what they wear or not. Of course, maybe the reason they're not bothered to keep track of what they've worn the day before is because nobody bothers to look at them in the first place.

But I'm different. Students love me. They think I'm the most fashionable teacher in the entire school. Which, of course, is an easy-to-get title, considering the fact that most of the teachers are middle-aged/close to being middle-aged, thus, making me one of the very few eligible ones.

And so.

The students actually do notice what I wear.

So far, I have been able to keep track of what I wear everyday, so that I only repeat my clothes once at least every fortnight.

However, today I made a grave mistake.

I wore a dress which I just wore last week.

Last week!!!

When the dress is still fresh in the memories of most people, I make the huge mistake of wearing it again.

Another lesson I learnt today: DO NOT wear the same kind of dresses two few days in a row. For example, if you wear a baby dress on Monday, never a baby dress again the next day. Even if it may be a completely different dress, some unobservant people may think you're wearing the same dress over and over because they're the same type.

So if you wear a baby dress on Monday, try wearing a blouse and a flowing skirt on Tuesday instead. Then, on Wednesday, wear something chic. The safest time to wear a baby dress again (most preferably one which is distinctively different from the one worn on Monday) would be on Thursday.

Similarly, if you wear something flowery on the first day, it's a good idea to pick something plain the next day.

I notice I have deviated far, far from the main topic of discussion.

Being stressed.

So, yes, I'm stressed out. And I don't remember what I wore 2 days ago.

Big disaster.


Congratulations to Heng Wei Lyn (I hope I spelled her name correctly) for beating all the other public speakers flat and achieving the highly coveted Johan.

Compared to her, all the other speakers seemed like amateurs.



Kevin is coming back on the 8th of May.

He owes me a dinner buffet.

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Jasryn said...


And its Heng Wei Ling.

And strangely enough I understand that part about the clothes.