Monday, 21 April 2008

My hobby? Bag collecting.

I bought a new bag at Queensbay yesterday.

A Pet Shop bag.

Really, really cute.

RM 69.00.

Not too expensive, right

I love my new bag!!!!

My new Pet Shop bag. Cuteness!!!

Also, I just found out that the Pet Shop purse that Kevin got me for my birthday last year was not cheap.

Not cheap as in, you wouldn't buy something with that price if you only treated her as 'a friend'.

Of course, unless you're filthy rich.


Speaking of bags, I've lost count of my collection a long time ago, so I decided to browse through to see if I had any forgotten bags hidden my closet.

I discovered a bag haven. Bags I never knew I owned.

I counted, and I realised that I've got about 20 over bags.

The latest would be my Pet Shop bag. Following, a Nike tote bag, Roxy handbag (which I seldom use nowadays), Billabong handbag (Got it for Chinese New Year 2 months ago, but I now only sometimes use it because it's ridiculously sized and I have difficulty fitting my hand phone plus my wallet in it), Billabong sling bag (which I NEVER use, *vows to use it soon*), Roxy backpack (I used it during my college days), Body Glove backpack (which I'm never going to use again 'cause it's just plain childish), Fila handbag (that, I have only used about 5 times since I've bought it, and it's now collecting dust), Extreme tote bag (too huge for my taste), Extreme hand bag cum sling bag (also untouched), a Kipling backpack (which Kevin's mum cunningly convinced me to buy, despite the fact that it cost *cries* RM 400. So far, I've only used it twice *cries even more*), a bag my mother got me from China which supposedly cost above RM 100 (that, I still use occasionally because although it's brandless - yes, I hate using brandless bags, it's still a gift from my mum. Plus, it's expensive. I don't wanna waste my mum's money), Body Glove sling bag (I HATE Body Glove stuff so I'm DEFINITELY NOT using that anytime soon), a tiny handbag from Padini (which I will never use again 'cause it's ancient and stupid), another similar-to-Padini bag from Maggie-T (how childish!), and a few other brandless bags (embarrassingly, some of them even sport the word 'NIKE'
- gosh, who would believe it's the original? - in bold letters) which, of course, I'd rather die than being seen using them.

Among the few brandless bags - which I ignorantly bought when I was younger - are:

Two fake Nike sling bags, a colourful striped bag (yes, I know how ugly it is) from Prangin Mall, another black sling bag from a pasar malam, and a few other bags I got for free.

To think that I actually yayed over the fact that i received free bags when I was younger.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not discriminating against those who use 'brandless' or fake bags; I'm just more accustomed to using, well, other kinds of bags.

Now I know why my closet is so congested.

Mystery solved!!!

Of all the bags I own, I only use 5 of them. The Nike tote bag, the Pet Shop bag (it's still new though; only time will tell if it'll soon be one of the 'forgotten' bags), the Roxy hand bag (though not that often), my Billabong hand bag, and the bag my mum got me from China (which is least used, among the five).

The rest are kept in my closet. For future use.

"Future use".


Wonder when that will be.

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