Friday, 4 April 2008

Tama. V5.

Yesterday was fun.

Sports Day was... uh... interesting.

I think.


Kevin's mum picked me at 4 p.m. . Kevin, Renee, Gary (a friend of Kevin's from National Service) and I went to Gurney Plaza. Walked around a bit. Caught a movie. Had dinner.

Then, I went to Toys "R" Us and bought a brand new Tamagotchi!!!!

RM 79.90.

I know what you're thinking.

Why do I have to freaking waste my money on a new Tamagotchi when I already have one at home??????

You see, the one I have at home is a Version 4. This brand new one is a Version 5. Version 4 is the older and outdated version. Version 5 is the latest one.

See, huge difference.

As you can see (from the blur LCD screen; that's why i hate taking photos of electronic devices. The pictures on the screens are never clear), the Version 5 can house three Tama's at once, while the older versions allow you to keep only one pet each time.

Cute leh!!!!!

My old Version 4 is left on my table, untouched.

New come, old go.


Kevin is going back to NS tomorrow.

I'm gonna cry.

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