Tuesday, 8 April 2008

New blog!! New blog!!!!

Ever had difficulty comprehending the sometimes chim English of my blog?

Fret not, for Raedarling Made Easy is finally here!!!!


Raedarling Made Easy is specially set up for people who'd rather read my thoughts the less sophisticated way (we're Malaysians, anyway!). Also for the blogger to blog without having to mind her grammar that much (finally!!!).

So from now on, I'm going to update both my blogs simultaneously. See, now you can even pick which version you want to view my blog in!

Raedarling Made Easy should interest some of you, as it is endless what you can do with language once the rules of English are off the load!!!!

Manglish. Dialects. Switch-talking. Awful grammar. Misspellings. Horrible sentence structure. Bad punctuation.

Voila! I'm finally a true Malaysian!

Here's the URL: http://raedarlingMadeEasy.blogspot.com/

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