Sunday, 3 May 2009

summer break

"I don't love expensive food; it's just an unfortunate coincidence that the food I love are all expensive."

Summer break is finally here!!!

As most of you should know by now, I'm back in Penang!!!!!

For 3 whole months!!!


Of course, there are some things to be missed in Singapore, e.g., not being nagged by parents, 100% freedom, efficient and convenient transportation, and being able to sleep in till 5 p.m. without being awaken by the maid who insists I that have lunch (at lunchtime, of course; apparently, the people in my household do not share my idea of breakfast at 6 p.m., and lunch at 12 a.m.), and hence, having to drag myself out of bed by 1 p.m., regardless of what time I went to bed the night (or morning) before.


It's great to be home coz I don't have to do my own laundry, I don't have to worry over my daily meals, I have a huge bed all to myself, a giant air-conditioned bedroom, my very own personal (not to mention clean) attached bathroom, and I don't have to eat canteen food anymore.

The greatest thing?

Not having to study for 3 whole months.



Spent the night at Phaik Yean's last night. Complete with junkfood, comfy bedsheets, and a cute movie (of which I can't recall its title) about a brave mouse, a rat, a chef, and a princess.

Bought a new scarf - RM 39 - (finally!! I'm getting pretty tired of the old fashioned jackets and sweaters; scarfs are so much more chic), and spent lots on food.

Can't blame me. I've been having canteen food for the past 3 months almost every single day (excluding weekends and the occasional "I'M - SO - FRIGGIN' - SICK - OF - CANTEEN - FOOD; - I'M - GONNA - SPLURGE - MYSELF - ON - SAKAE - SUSHI - AND - I - DON'T - CARE - HOW - MUCH - I - SPEND!!" kind of mood).

I bought sweet potatoes which cost RM 6.70 (really, weren't those food for the poor in China during the olden days when they didn't have enough money for rice? And here, they're selling sweet potatoes at RM 6, and rice at 20 cents per bowl), some midnight snacks, and then spent RM 30 on my brunch at Sushi King. I couldn't help it; it's the chef's fault for making sashimi look so delicious and tempting. ~~

To which Cindy, Hwa, and PY commented, "You really love eating expensive foods, don't you?"

My reply? Refer to quote at top.

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