Monday, 25 May 2009

Break-up survival guide

Remember how about two years ago, in the period of May - October of 2007, was going through very, very hard times?

Yes, my closer friends would know, of course, I'm talking about my break up, with the first guy I had ever truly loved.

He was the one who taught me what loving another person meant. He was the one who first swept my feet off the ground.

My first love...

And then, he dumped me.

I can't say it's entirely his fault; I know I had my flaws too.

But still.

Believe me, surviving a break up is probably one of the hardest things to do in life.

Hence, Jasryn, one of the survivors of this great tragedy, after first hand experiencing it, decided to write The Break-Up Survival Guide.

Right after the break up, broken, down, and suicidal:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 1.

Denial. Missing him. He'll definitely be back for me... Won't he? No, he isn't going to be back. Forget it:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 2.

Ooh, I effing HATE HIM SO MUCH!! I wished I could kill him, but I can't coz I love him so much. Do I love him or hate him? Gahhh, I hate myself:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 3.

It's my fault. It's my fault he left me. I must have treated him pretty bad. Remember that one time I was late for our date? That must be the reason he broke up with me. If not for that silly mistake of mine, we would still be happy together. It's all my fault:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 4.

I can't live without him. I've lost my reason for living. It's no point. I might as well not eat and die:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 5.

I guess it isn't so bad after all. I didn't really love him, anyway:
The Break-Up Survival Guide Part 6.

Thanks, Jas, for writing this funny, witty, yet very helpful guide. It's definitely something worth sharing with all the break up victims out there. Though it may not be of much use (trust me, anyone undergoing a break up will NEVER take any advice you give her; she'd be too busy moping) at first, but it can definitely serve as a great motivation to those who are still licking their wounds, and as a comfort, knowing that they're not the only people out there suffering in pain.

All credits goes to Jasryn, and everyone else who has survived a break up. Give yourselves a pat on the back, a treat to some ice-cream, and maybe a title for your great victory, for you have overcame one of the most difficult trials in life.

It wasn't that bad now, was it?

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