Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Saving Earth. Not.

"Why care, when by the time the earth's pollution reaches chronic stage, I would be dead already?"

After much contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that rich people pollute the earth waaay more than the poor do.

1. Air-conditioning. Only rich people have them. They don't realize how much CFC they're letting out each night as they snore away underneath their thick comforters. AC's also use up more electricity than other cooling electrical appliances (such as ceiling fans), which means increased wastage of energy.

2. Huge limousines and automated vehicles (which only rich people can afford). As we all know, the larger the vehicle, the more fuel it uses, compared to a smaller vehicle. Automated vehicles also use more fuel compared to manual ones, which means more carbon is released, and air pollution increases.

3. Animal skin. The rich use leather handbags, leather wallets, shoes made of crocodile skin and lined with pig-skin soles; you get the idea.

4. Water heaters. They work by electricity. A waste of energy if you asked me. Why can't everyone emulate the less fortunate ones who cannot afford to buy water heaters and take cold baths instead?

5. Rich people over-eat. Think of the poor people in third-world countries who cannot even afford a single meal each day!!!!

6. Rich people chop up jungles and destroy natural habitats, just for the sake of building their own four-storey by-the-beach villas.

7. Really, really, really rich people own private jet planes. DO YOU FREAKING KNOW HOW MUCH FUEL A JET PLANE USES FOR EACH JOURNEY??

However, if I were to choose between saving the earth and enjoying my wealth, I'd pick the latter. No second thoughts.

Stay tuned for my next episode of Saving Earth: Why uneducated people save the earth more effectively compared to educated ones.

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