Friday, 8 May 2009


This is gonna be a picture loaded post.

Just because I feel like it.

Here's a picture of my Physics text book:

A another one to show you how thick it is (and how I went insane trying to study it):

1.75 friggin' inches thick!!

Next, a random photo I took of my room's wall + ceiling + lights:

Another of my laptop:

Two more of my room:

My wardrobe (very few clothes, I know; most of them are in Singapore already):

Here's a picture of me, naked, taking a shower...

Nah, just kidding.


A poster of my current favorite game, Breath of Fire III:
Am so addicted to it, but currently not in the mood to play, coz I just died and I didn't have the chance to save.

I received birthday discount vouchers from Roxy/Quiksilver a few days ago!!!!

Another birthday voucher from Universal Traveler:

And another final one from Cupid De Com (The blood-sucking boutique at Queensbay from which I bought a pretty dress worth RM 300+, which I wore only twice: once at college prom, another at my cousin's wedding):

I love discounts.
You can expect a (huge) shopping spree coming up.

Last but not least, a picture that will make you go WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???


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