Friday, 29 May 2009


"It's the friends that you can call up at 4 a.m., that matter."
-Marlene Dietrich-

In my 19 years of living, I have met many people, made many friends.

Joined many peer groups, too.

Some were fun, some weren't half that bad. One thing's for sure, I've gained lots of unforgettable (though I think I'd rather some to be forgotten) and priceless experiences.

My first peer group was in Primary Two. I can't recall what we named ourselves, but we deemed ourselves to be the prettiest and the most popular girls. At least we made others think we were popular. Abby and I were the founders, and we tried our best to be sorority girls. Kid-style.

To round off, I even got back stabbed half-way through. If that isn't what sorority girls do, I don't know what else is.

Hence, I now proudly announce that I'm glad that even at the tender age of eight, I was already privileged enough to experience the life of a popular girl's social lifestyle, complete with all the backstabbing, bff-swapping, gossipping, slumber parties, lies, and jealousies.

After that, my social life pretty much went through a blur.

It wasn't until secondary school when I finally settled down. In my late teens, I was already getting comfortable with the Gossip Babies.

We didn't deem ourselves to be popular or anything like that, but I have to admit we had our own ways. We gossipped, talked behind people's backs, and I even picked on some. I guess you could say I was kinda like a bully. Not so much of backstabbing, but I can't say there's totally none. We weren't angels.

But still. I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed my time with them.

In college, I joined the Nerd/Geek group.

I know. Don't laugh.

At least they were good influence. For once, I actually studied.

For once, I actually learnt that there's more to a student's life than the usual shopping, gossipping, back stabbing, and such.
And I actually gave up gossipping for a WHOLE YEAR. Can you imagine that?

*gives myself a pat on my back*

Now that I'm in uni, I can't say I've grown much. One can never admit he/she's a grown up when one is actually a member of the Little Grass group.

I mean, when university students start forming their own group, calling themseves Little Grasses, you can't expect them to be that mature now, can you?

We may not be sorority girls, or big-mouthed gossippers, or big bullies, but we're not nerds either.

I guess you could say we're a fun-loving group where we hold gatherings, outings, and such.

As innocent as the name may sound though, I have never forgotten my roots. I love gossipping, and the Little Grasses are such great companions just for that.

Love you, Grassies.

I miss you too, Gossip Babies!

Friends forever!

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