Thursday, 14 May 2009

Birthday bash

"It's beautiful tonight."

Celebrated Cindy's and my birthdays today.

My real birthday is not until a week later, but Cindy and I decided to celebrate it together today coz she is going to KL soon.


Arrived at Gurney Plaza at 2 p.m. . Watched Friday the 13th. Deathly merciless killer hunting down innocent campers like nobody's business. Gore galore. Great movie for a birthday celebration, huh?

(Window) shopped a bit, and then went to some by-the-beach restaurant/cafe/whateveryoucallit (I don't remember the name of the place), where Cindy and I celebrated our birthday.

Guests: Yokie, Yeat Hon, Phaik Yean, Mei Hwa, Ken Vin, and Kevin.

After dinner, we went to Segafredo for some drinks, and then headed to the beach, where I learned that beaches at night are full of crawlies which you don't see in the day time.

I was too busy enjoying to snap lots of pics, so here are just two:

The two birthday girls!! I know I look damn sweaty in this pic. Sorry.

Group pic!


Fiberwig mascara from Yeat Hon, Cindy, Yong Xing, and Yokie:

They bought it for me because I couldn't bring myself to buy it; it was too costly for my shallow pocket: RM 59.

It's really cool coz it actually makes your eyelashes longer by extending them using fake fibers (hence, its name).

Thanks, guys!! I've been wanting to buy this for so long!

Next, a cactus plant and an antique-looking pirate-like treasure chest from Ken Vin.

I'm not the kind who can care for plants that need constant care; I guess that's the reason he chose to give me a cactus, of all plants.

Thanks, Ken Vin. You're so understanding... Haha...

Next up, two other understanding people who realized my shopping needs gave me this:

Wow, something from MNG!! YAY!!!

Inside the box is a card...

What is it???

Its a...


Thanks, Phaik Yean and Mei Hwa!!!

UPDATE: Jia Ling is also involved in this MNG card. Special thanks to Jia too!!! Muaxxx!!!

Finally, a very, very, very beautiful pendant from Kevin:

It's damn effing beautiful. xoxo

Thanks for your presents, guys!

I love them all!!!

I agree with you, it's truly a beautiful night.

Especially with you around. ily.


Anonymous said...

what is that pirated look-like box?

raedarling said...

its just a jewelery box la...haha but it looks really nice, doesn't it?