Saturday, 16 May 2009

My boyfriend.

Things I've been wanting to do with my boyfriend ever since I was very young:

1. Take the bus with him.
2. Take the plane with him.
3. Hold hands, walking down Orchard Road.
4. Falling asleep in his arms.
5. Going to the beach with him.
6. Going on a holiday trip with him.
7. Having him gently rub my head and ruffle my hair.
8. Celebrating my birthday together in a posh restaurant.
9. Getting married to him in the same church my parents were married in.
10. Go to a photo studio and snap lots of pictures together and have them compiled into a photo album.
11. Whisk off to an exotic holiday destination right after our wedding ceremony takes place, and have wild sex every single night, while enjoying our privacy and freedom from everything else.
12. Receiving love letters from him.
13. Going to class and studying together.
14. Walking confidentally into an exam hall together.
15. Going shopping together.
16. Receiving presents from him.
17. Taking the Singapore Flyer together.
18. Having meals in bed together.
19. Watching fireworks together.
20. Countdown to a new year together.
21. Going to Disneyland with him.
22. Going on a holiday trip to Japan with him.
23. Visiting the zoo together to see his friends.
24. Attending prom together.
25. Visiting Genting Highlands together.
26. Receiving an expensive piece of jewelery from him.
27. Developing a special language of which only the both of us can understand.
28. Cooking up a meal for ourselves together.
29. Have him cook a meal for me.
30. Staying in bed all day, having pillow fights.

*I know the list doesn't stop here; I'll add on when I recall of some more.*

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