Friday, 23 May 2008

I'm pretty.

Cap Boy is finally online.

Name's Jason.

A snippet of our conversation: (mine's in red, his in blue)

yesterday ur fren ask u to ask my number wan ar?
nola. they challenge me
wad they say?
they said there got a gal (u), den ask me m i dare 2 noe u
den i ma ask u come lo
mana tau all sacre n run away pulak
means they choose the girl for u wan la
not u choose wan la
zhun zhun wat is in my mind is same as them 1 ma
hahaha lol
y they choose me?
u pretty ma
hahaha really ar?
sure la. they say 1
me too
im more pretty than other girls?
ooo thats nice to know


What else can I say?

P.S: Yes, I know my English is horrible in the conversation. Note that I don't always use perfect English when communicating with people.

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