Sunday, 4 May 2008

Fan mail!!!

I received this message from Anton, a guy on OkCupid.

I am pleased to give my input and I really enjoyed your off-beat sense of humor..

Normally I do not like coarse humor laced with profanity as it rings in the ear like an instrument that is out of tune, however, when it is done in an intelligent manner f*ck , sh*t , p*ss and a plethora of other curses flow like the string section in a fine symphony as they spice up the beautiful music..

I can tell by your posts that you are quite intelligent and humor in a person with a high IQ tends to express itself in an unusual way as the mind has a greater potential to process data and does it in odd patterns and variations..
Couple this ability with a mind that has more knowledge inside it and !!Eureka!! you get a very interesting non conforming style of humor laced with a tad of irreverence..

Isn't it nice when people actually acknowledge your blog and compliment you on it?

My high intelligence and vast knowledge is finally acknowledged!

Anton "enjoys reading my blog and he loves my offbeat humor".

This blogger has finally found a fan for herself.



My parents just bought a new Apple iMac.



Should I get the 16Gb iPhone or the 32Gb iPod Touch?

Decisions, decisions.


I'm moving house very, very soon!!!

Very excited.


P.S: Anton, I'm sure you won't mind me posting your message here?



Jasryn said...

Anton sounds... umm... poetic. Cool, you have an admirer. Hahaha. You must post pictures of your new house! Does this mean you'll have more space for your numerous bags/shoes/clothes?

raedarling said...

Yes!!! I'll have tons and tons of space for all my stuff! I've got a bigger bedroom, plus a walk-in wardrobe. a walk in wardrobe!!! how cool is that? I'll have ample space.

Also, my room has an attached bathroom.

i love me new home!

yes, ill upload pictures of my new home as soon as i move in.