Thursday, 22 May 2008

May I have your number, please?

Went for driving test.

Yes, again.

I failed the last time, remember?

Entertained myself with my mobile Solitaire and my PSP.

Got bored of them after awhile. Resorted to gazing around at random people.

Watched a gang of (typical) rowdy boys guffawing around.

Suddenly, one of them, Cap Boy (I call him that because he was wearing a cap), gestured to me.


I gestured back.

"Who, me?"

His reply:

"Yes, you."


So I walked over.


"Um, (the rest of his 'comrades' began shuffling away, and I caught him giving them a panicked glance) may I have your number please?"



"No. I don't give my phone number to strangers."


"What do you want my number for?"

"I wanna be friends with you."

*another awkward pause*

"How about you give me your MSN?"

Hmm... This is getting interesting. It'd be fun to see what kind of guy he is.


And so, I gave him my MSN.

"By the way, is this how you hook up with every girl you see?"

"No, no, of course not. Only selected ones."

"Ah... You mean only cute and pretty ones like me?"


He said he'd be online tonight.

*Half an hour later*

I went to the washroom. When I came back, my seat was taken. I had no choice but to remain standing.

The said group of guys began teasing Cap Boy.

"Hey, look at her standing! C'mon, be a gentleman and show her a seat!"

Joining their gang was a girl. They demanded that the girl relinquish her seat for me. She scowled, but got up.

Me? I pretended I didn't notice anything.

So they called out to me. And told me to sit on the vacant space.

I ... well... Sort of obeyed. While looking sheepishly at the girl.

Seated beside me was another one of their comrades, Black Guy.

Black Guy offered to rent his seat to Cap Boy for ten bucks per minute.

Cap Boy declined.

After the driving test, Cap Boy invited me to have lunch with him.

I agreed.



I made a new friend.

Interesting, huh?

He's 18, currently studying Lower Form Six, has an older brother, a younger brother who loves computer games but hates studying, and an extremely smart sister, aged 22, who is currently studying in England under JPA scholarship.

I still don't know his name, though.

I'll ask him when he comes online.

Oh, and for my driving test?

I failed.

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Jasryn said...

You know.. when I went for my Undang test I met a nice guy too. We went for lunch, Msn-ed... Don't give 'em your number!!! He turned stalker-ish. after that. =P Cap Boy sounds good for your self esteem though.