Saturday, 3 May 2008


Labour's Day...

Went to Queensbay with Xing, Cindy, and Jason (Cindy's bf).

Watched The Slit-mouthed Woman. A Japanese horror movie.

It fucking scared the fucking hell out of me.

Remind me to never, ever fucking watch horror movies ever again.

Bought a new (bright pink) Roxy wallet and a pair of Roxy slippers.

Too lazy to upload their pictures here, so you'll just have to imagine their beauty.

wallet - RM 189.90.
slippers - RM 29.90 (damn fucking, fucking cheap!!!)

The original price of the slippers were RM 89.90, but there was a promotion going on.

Spend RM 80 and above, and you get the slippers for (almost) free.

Okay, maybe not entirely free, but still. RM 29.90 is pretty cheap for a pair of slippers, considering the face that we're talking about Roxy here, not Bata.

Spend RM 350 and above, and you're eligible to be a Roxy member.

After all the purchases (plus previous receipts), I was still 21 bucks away from being the proud owner of the highly coveted Roxy membership card.

So I got another Quiksilver phone strap for Kevin.

RM 39.90.

And, yes, he is going to pay me for it.

Met up with Hwa for dinner.

Camwhored a lot. However, the photos are in Xing's camera.

So sorry.

I'll upload them as soon as she sends them to me.

Hey, wait a minute.

Why am I apologising for Xing's folly?

I take back my apology. It's not my fault. Blame Xing for not sending me the photos, despite being constantly online.


Today was fucking, fucking, fucking hot.

Fucking hot weather almost made me dehydrated.


It's only the beginning of the month, and I'm almost broke.


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