Wednesday, 21 May 2008

While waiting for Maple

Decided to play Maple Story but found that it's currently under server maintenance.

So I thought I'd kill some time here.


Since I've just moved house, maybe I should check out my new neighbourhood, huh?

I never did bother with that.

But I have noticed a few things about the three houses around me.

Before I start, let me explain to you about my housing area. There is this row of houses, with four semi-detached houses at the start of the row, and following are terrace houses.

My house is one of the four semi-D's.

Wow, cool!!! Your house is one of the four most privileged ones!!

Haha. But my house is also the smallest among the four.

And so, let me explain about the other three houses.

The house beside mine, the largest of the four, is inhabited by a Malay family. Supposedly very, very rich (like duh, how else would they be able to afford the largest house?) because the dad runs a huge company and their daughter is a doctor. I heard it from my-father's-friend's-customer's-second aunt's-sister-you-get-the-idea.

As for my own experience, so far, I've only once seen an old lady outside watering the garden.

Never seen the corporate dad, nor the doctor daughter. Nor anyone else.

Their doors are always closed and it seems they're not at home most of the time.

Oh, well.

I call it the Yellow House, because their house is painted in yellow.

Reminds me of Royalty.

The house opposite mine is owned by a doctor.

Chinese family.

Haven't met them in person, but there was once when I woke up at 11 a.m., peered out my bedroom window, and saw this guy.

My guess is that he's about 19 or 20. Not too good looking, but not that bad either. Wears glasses, is of average height, and doesn't look too nerdy nor too rugged.

A doctor's son, at that.


A considerable choice...


I call it the Brown House.

The final house, which is adjacent to the Brown House and opposite to the Yellow House, is made a Kindergarten.

Melody Kindergarten.

I've initially thought of working as a part time teacher/teacher's assistant/babysitter/whateverjobicanget there, considering the fact that I've had some experience of being a high school teacher. I figured it wouldn't be that hard to cope with a bunch of four-year-olds. I mean, I've seen worse.

Besides, it'll take less than a minute's walk to work.

Who wouldn't want a job like that?

Fortunately, my rational senses came back quickly enough.

I already promised myself that I'll never, ever involve myself in the educational field again for the rest of my life.

A promise is a promise.

The Colorful House. You know how kindergartens are painted like.


Go watch Narnia: Prince Caspian.

I love the ending song!!!

The Call by Regina Spektor.

Listen to it.


If you were playing a shooting game, would you rather be awarded for:
1. Achieving the highest score.
2. Earning (or looting) most cash.
3. Completing the game in the shortest time.

I think I'll take option 1.

How about you?

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