Thursday, 2 July 2009

Of shoes

"The beauty of a shoe is directly inversely proportional to it's comfortableness."

High heels are beautiful and sexy but horribly uncomfortable.

Sneakers are comfortable but childish.

Slippers/flip-flops are comfortable but too casual.

As much as I am very aware that I possess more than enough footwear, I HAVE PRACTICALLY NO SHOES TO WEAR!!

I can't always go out in heels; I'll break my ankles one day!

I have to get a decent pair of good quality, comfortable, fashionable, reliable, sexy, lady-like, posh, good-looking, branded, trustworthy pair of shoes.

I wanted to buy this pair of comfortable yet lady-like and not-too-casual pair of slip-on's from Timberland, but my mother said:

"You have got more than enough shoes at home. Besides, this pair of Timberland shoes cost RM 300!! Your dad doesn't print money for a living, you know!"

But... But...

Those shoes are not something I want, they're something i need!! Badly!!!


Why is it that I never seem to have enough money?

P.S.: Even with my unthinkably bad results, I got accepted into Mechatronics Stream!!! Thank God!! I'm sooooooo happy!!!!

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