Friday, 10 July 2009

Baking day

"As a child, my family's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it."
-Buddy Hackett-

Went to Jia's place to bake cheese tarts and chocolate tarts!!!!

I've been wanting to post this yesterday, but I kept procrastinating coz it's so damn troublesome to have to transfer all those pictures from my phone to my laptop, and then having to browse them in the vast sea of many other pictures from my 'My Pictures' folder to be uploaded here; my gosh, why can't blogger have that Java application like FB so that I can upload my photos much quicker?

I hate transferring and uploading stuff. What a hassle.

Lazy to type; here are them pictures (no, 'them pictures' isn't a grammatical error, it actually means 'the damn pictures' for short).

Just arrived at her house with nothing to do. With a full length mirror in front of me and a camera phone in my bag, what else do you expect me to do?

I know I'm vain.

Here are the tart shells:

And then, we started making the batter for the cheese filling!!!!

I was too fascinated (yes, this is the first time I have ever witnessed cheese tarts being made) by the delicious smelling batter to bother with photos.

However, if you insist, here's a picture of me having a taste at the uncooked batter (raw eggs, lemon juice, cheese, fine sugar, and butter):

Cheese tart fillings taste awesome, even uncooked!!

Then, we filled the tart shells.

Trust me, it isn't easy filling the tart shells with cheese filling. The first one I made was a complete disaster.

Luckily, I soon got better.

ItalicHere's one pretty tart I made.

Jia decorating the cheese tarts with blueberry.

Baking in the oven...



Mind you, it was seriously tough work filling the tart shells with chocolate, because you have to melt the chocolate first and chocolate is more watery than the usual cheese batter. It's also more messy to deal with, and chocolate hardens real fast.

Look how messy the tarts are, with chocolate overflowing all over.

The hardest part was, we had white chocolate and milk chocolate, and we had to put half of each into each tart, making it look bi-colored, which was darn hard, because the chocolate kept flowing too rapidly.

At least we still managed to make some patterns.

Mitten got burnt while tring to melt the chocolate.

I'm so proud of the tarts I made myself!!

Later that night, we went to Sunset Bistro at Batu Feringghi with Phaik Yean and Mei Hwa.

Didn't take much photos, except for a random picture of my slippers:

All this blogging about home made tarts is making me hungry. I'm now off to have some of those tarts I made!!!



Jasryn said...

Very very nice. Can you email a copy of the recipe to me?

raedarling said...

Wish I could, but sorry the recipe isn't with me. It's with Jia Ling, and I don't exactly remember the recipe either coz I was just mostly just helping out; it was Jia Ling who did the measurements, put in the ingredients, told me what to do, etc.

All i can remember is, the batter contained 2 blocks of cheese, some butter (i think its 150 g if not mistaken?), an egg, 100 grams of fine sugar, and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

You could always google for the recipe =)