Sunday, 5 July 2009

Using cash

"What's the point of having so much money if you don't use them?"

I no longer wish to call my occasional splurges 'shopping sprees'; I have found a more suitable name for it: Using cash.

I don't buy stuff because of my shopaholic impulses, I buy them because money are meant to be spent, not saved as food for termites and book worms.

Or maybe that is precisely why humans are born with in-built shopaholic impulses; so that we would actually spend what we earn (or in my case, what I receive from my parents) rather than keeping them till our old age, and then when we die, giving them to our children, who in turn will keep them for their children, and the cycle goes on and on until the very huge sum of snowballing money gets into the hands of some prodigal son who spends it all in one night at Las Vegas, coming home a poor, shirtless kid.

For goodness' sake, its your money, so freaking USE IT!! Your children will earn money of their own.

Am I good at giving myself excuses to spend money, or what?

So far, here are some of the stuff I have bought:

Lovely book, some parts almost made me cry.

JAY CHOU PIANO BOOK~!!! ^^ Comes with a complementary CD. AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!I am going to play the piano all day!!!

Some Anime. ^^

Kiddy stickers!!! I used some of them already, hence the blank spaces.

Shin Chan comic books to be added to my already huge collection!!!
My collection of Shin Chan comic books since 2004.

A mini rubix cube. Though I still haven't figured how to match the colors yet...

I also bought 2 scarves last Thursday (a pink one and a white one); I know I've got a green one already, but one cannot expect one to be constantly wearing a green scarf, especially when one has a wardrobe full of different colored clothes (imagine matching a green scarf with a red top!! *gasp*) now, can one?

So as you can see, I have got lots of anime to watch and books to read (plus, 3 more classics I bought last year but didn't bother finish reading them); I don't know if I can finish all of them in 3 weeks time, by which I will have to be back to Singapore for my second year of uni education torture.



20 minutes later...

That was 2 days ago; it's now in the fridge, still 49/50 uneaten.

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