Monday, 20 July 2009

Man Utd vs Malaysia

Football players, like prostitutes, are in the business of ruining their bodies for the pleasure of strangers.
-Merle Kessler-

I think by now, everyone knows that Manchester United came to play against...


Of course, being the invited guest, you wouldn't thrash your opponent on purpose just 'cause it's a very well known fact that you're better (in this case, WAAAAAY MUCH BETTER), right?

I was talking to Jonathan on MSN. (Me=red, Jon=blue)

u tink msia can win meh

on saturday
the match quite close
malaysia lost 3-2

yeah i know
but dont u tink they purposely give chance one

give chance

i dont see the point
if i were msia, i wouldnt even wanna play
damn embarassing ok
its obvious to the whole world that manu give chance
and then when msia get 2, msia goes "yay we get 2!"


and then manu goes "congrats, u got 2"

but the malaysian goals were quite good

but everyone knows thats fake

or very lucky

i dont see the point la....not embarasing meh

the point is
100thousand ppl came to watch manU

there was one part, so damn obvious that manu purposely kick the ball to msia one

accident la i think

lol you're just being nice to ur own country

u're just being mean to ur country

if they were really that pro, they would have qualified for world cup


but anyway
msia get lots of money from that?

split i guess
it helps economy in way
cuz lots of shirt/jersey sales
drink food
spurs the local economy

yea i suppose
but still
its damn embarassing
its like u know you're not good enough u still wanna go embarass urself

So well...

No comments.

If you asked me, I'll just tell you "I'm temporarily not a Malaysian. Once Malaysia qualifies for World Cup, you'll know my citizenship will be reverted."

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