Sunday, 19 July 2009

Last week of hols

"Cinema is the most beautifu fraud in the world."
-Jean-Luc Godard-

Why is it that in most thriller movies that I watch, the villains are usually insanely powerful for the whole duration of the movie while the victim(s)/main cast suffer under the evil clutches of the villain (also for the whole duration of the movie), and then at the ending, the villains die sudden deaths - thus eliminating any chances of them suffering from any means of torture or hardship as fit punishment - while the innocent victim/main cast (whose home/car/property probably got wrecked by the said evil villain who is now peacefully dead and thus is unable to pay for his acts of vandalism) only get a few seconds of breaths of relief?

Don't the villains get their share of suffering at all? Where's the fun when they die sudden deaths, instead of having them being put to jail, or at least being tortured for a little while before they die?

Gah, movie directors these days are so unfair.


My arm's hurting like hell from that badminton game I had with Ethane, Kathy, and the 3 guys *takes deep breath* Kelvin, KenVin, and Kevin.

Yes, I know. It doesn't help having all three of them hanging out together in the same group.

Me: Kelvin!! Come here please!!

Voice 1: Hey, she's calling for you.

Voice 2: No, she isn't. Why would she call for me? She's calling you!



See what I mean?

Here's a picture of me sitting in the badminton referee's seat.

I try to be pretty, even at sports.

Try to ignore my fat legs and different colored socks, please.

P.S.: Last night, I achieved my highest sneeze combo!!! 6 consecutive sneezes in a row!! Beat my combo if you can!

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