Saturday, 26 May 2007

Rae's paradoxes and theories on life

I'm still having blogger's block. Lets call it BBS (blogger's block syndrome). *sigh*. Currently, I do not only have BBS, but ASS (Acute Stress Syndrome) as well. I'm having ASS because I'm wasting my time online instead of studying and I'm having BBS because ASS is bothering me. And I'm having ASS because BBS is making me sit blankly in front of the computer with nothing to type and although I know I should be studying, I'm sitting here wasting my time thinking of what to write. The more BBS i get, the more ASS i have. And the more ASS i have, the more i cannot concentrate on blogging, and that's where BBS comes in. And this horrible cycle goes round and round and round till I actually explode or die of ASS and/or BBS.

Which reminds me. Have you ever experienced feelings where you get frustrated because you cannot concentrate on doing something and then because of that frustration it wipes out your concentration all the more? And when your frustration does that, you get even more frustrated than ever because your previous frustration wiped out your little concentration that you had. And when that happens, you get even more frustrated and you cannot concentrate all the more. For some unknown reason, I constantly find myself in this kind of situations where this horrible cycle will eventually reduce me to nothing but tears. And then even those tears do not sympathize me. Instead, they make my eyes painful and tired so that I can never ever concentrate on what I was doing ever again. Then the frustration comes again. And it goes on and on and on.

I call this 'Rae's Paradox of Uneasiness'.

However, there is another kind of circle of events which is quite the opposite. I call it 'The Theoretical Paradox of Infinite Happiness'. I say it is theoretical because in theory, it is logical but in real life, it never does happen. If it did, practically everyone in this world would be laughing and the slogan "make love, not war" would never exist.

My theory is this: When you are happy (for various reasons) and your enemy sees you being happy he/she will obviously be unhappy because of your happiness. And when you see his/her unhappiness, you will be happier because the person you hate is being unhappy. And when your enemy sees you becoming happier, he/she will become even more unhappy. And this pleasant circle goes on. Unfortunately, I have never been in this situation before. *sigh*...Why do only bad things ever happen to me?

I call this field of study Lifentology. And I am, of course, a lifentologist. After 17 years of research, I have come up with this conclusion: Theoretically, it is possible to have pleasant and unpleasant life paradoxes (like the two examples mentioned above) but in reality, only unpleasant life paradoxes like the '
Rae's Paradox of Uneasiness' ever happens to us. 'Us' as in, all the human beans in the world.

Yes, beans. There was no spelling error.

But of course, as I have been a lifentologist for only 17 years, there are still lots of things to research on. 17 years of experience is not enough. Therefore, I do not think I am in the position to verify my theories yet. There is still room for argument.

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