Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Blogger's block

Have you ever experienced blogger's block? It's a terrible and painful experience. First of all, you feel awfully guilty for not updating your blog because that means you are letting your readers down. Secondly, the thought of readers excitedly coming to your blog hoping for a new episode of your life but find that you apparently have nothing to tell them makes you feel terribly afraid that they will eventually lose their trust in you and find a new blogger to feed their raging kaypoh hunger.

That's why, i asked Tree for some inspiration. Guess what he gave me? Just some random words: arcade, Queensbay, red chopsticks, Siam Express, Secret Recipe, BMW. Hmm....

Speaking of arcades, have you ever wondered why so many people love it? Are they there for the noise, the games, or just for the lau-juakness? Some people say they are too poor (so they claim) to buy their own Nintendo so they go to arcades instead. If they were really that poor, wouldn't it be a waste for them to spend their hard-earned money (or, more accurately, their parents' hard-earned money) on arcade games? I really don't know....

I know I have lots of gadgets at home, but I still love visiting arcades. Definitely not for the noise - I think the noise there sometimes annoys me, what with the occasional vulgarities - but i think I go there for the
lau-juakness. My apologies if you don't know what lau-juak means, but apparently my command of English has deteriorated so much that i forget some of the English terms (blogger's block comes in a package which includes weak vocabulary, bad grammar, a tendency to use broken English, usage of slang, and loss of ideas). Anyway, I love arcades. My favourites there are the car-racing games and the dancing machine.

As for Queensbay, I really have no idea why Tree mentioned it. Maybe it's due to the fact that Tree's house is only 5 minutes worth of drive from there? I have no intention to elaborate on that. You have no idea how jealous I am.

Red chopsticks. They remind me of the Chinese Tradition. I'm proud to be Chinese. You should be proud of your own race too.

Siam Express and Secret Recipe? Boy, Tree is making me hungry.

I love cars. Especially expensive ones. For example, BMW.

Blogger's block, please go away soon.

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