Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Money matters

I can't believe I paid 5 freakin' bucks for a plate of fried oysters! I thought they only cost around RM 2? Since when did cheap kopi tiam food become so expensive? Blood-sucking oysters they are! And they won't even do me any good. They are fattening and unhealthy. Heck, if you tilted the plate a little you could even see the oil flowing out! Eww.

But of course, you can't blame me for complaining. I'm so used to my dad paying for my food (blush) that I myself am not sure of the prices of kopitiam foods these days. 5 bucks should be an acceptable price, considering the fact that the oysters were big and juicy. If I had sufficient money at that time i wouldn't be complaining, but I only had like 20 bucks with me and it was supposed to last till end of the month!

Don't tell my parents, but I actually had another RM 100 in my savings. I spent it all on Digi reload cards. I know, I know. It's a waste of money. But what could I do? Digi rewards all customers with 50% extra credit on their birthdays. I couldn't resist. *sigh* Sun Tzu has so many students these days. If only he was still alive....

That is why I will never venture into the world of business, where I will just be treaded upon until I'm nothing but a speck of dust.

It's the 30th of May and I have 10 bucks left. I hope the 1st of June comes before my cash runs out, thanks to blood-sucking oysters, phone companies, shopping malls, and Sun Tzu's students.

As you can see, I'm poor.

I know my spending habits has given me lots of trouble, but it's not my fault. Don't blame the shopaholic, blame the blood-suckers. These are some of the few depriving me of my cash:

1. Digi
2. Gurney Plaza
3. Roxy
4. Disted Stamford's Cafeteria
5. Sony
6. Popular Bookstore
7. Maple Story

I hate them.

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