Thursday, 10 May 2007

fatness, height, and the likes

No doubt, im putting on weight. Of course, almost every typical girl, regardless of thier body size or weight, claims they are fat.

Im not fat. im just a lil over my ideal body shape, size and weight. I can deal with that. I will just have to start exercising, stop eating unnecessarily, and start balancing my diet.

Haha. Like im disciplined enough to do that. As long as my BMI isnt over 20 (and that's good, isnt it?), i dont think im driven to do anything crazy yet.


Who knows, i might turn anorexic one day. dont worry, i wont do bulemia. its so hard trying to vomit, though being bulemic is indeed much better because you get to enjoy delicious foods. However, according to statistics, most anorexics lose weight more efficiently compared to bulemics. So, i think being anorexic would much better suit my style, dont you think? if you had a choice, would you rther be anorexic or bulemic? (put away the thoughts of possible death, please.)

I. Am. Fat.

But the Anorexic-Gurl prospect doesn't much appeal to me. Fatness is Bad, but Hunger is Badder. Being Extremely-Sickly-And-Thin is the Baddest of all.

Am i short?


Everyone else is just tall.

Besides, my height doesn't bring me down. So what if i don't have the so-called ideal height? As i said (and im going to say it again), I. AM. NOT. SHORT. im just not too tall. at least im not like Coconut Tree. that would be much worse, wouldn't it?

As long as my looks are above average (please excuse the vanity, im trying my very best to be modest here) i don't think height matters much. I have the high heels a.k.a. 'Kick-Kock Shoes' to help me.

Another good thing about being short (not that im admitting that im short) is that the point of gravity is lower. that means short people are more stable. isn't that good to know. I especially salute the shorties in the world for being who they are today! as Tree loves to sing, "shortie like mine...."

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