Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

UPDATE: Due to some technical problems, the voting system (the LG contest thingy; read below for more details) sometimes goes faulty and your vote may not be effective. After you click on the "vote now" button, you should be able to see a "I voted" sign with a tick beside it. If the "vote now" button is still there after u clicked it, it means you so please try again. Thank you very much for all your support!!!

O setting sun! though the time has come, I still warble under you, if none else does, unmitigated adoration.
-Walt Whitman-


I am seriously so farking fed up with tutorials, quizzes, assignments, and thoseotherneverendingetcetcetcetc.

Not that I'm not enjoying my uni life. On the contrary. I think it's moving waaaay too fast. In the blink of an eye, I'll find myself graduating and I'll wish I could stay for a little more longer.

OH, stop being sentimental.


Little Grass celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival.

Here's a picture:

More coming up later.

In the mean time, why don't you enjoy some videos:

Forfeit video:

In short, there's a leaf hidden in one person's body (yes, underneath clothes - DUH), and the blindfolded person has to search for it.

ooh la la~~

Too naughty for a Mid-Autumn festival celebration?

Ask Uncle Cheng. He was the one with the idea.

There was another interesting one with Sin Wei and Wai Hon doing the '69' (ooh, wouldn't that be nice to watch!!!) - with Sin Wei at the bottom and Wai Hon on top - but unfortunately, Wai Hon insists that the video not be uploaded.


You should have seen their faces. LOL.

Two guys doing the 69, what's more interesting than that?

Rest of the pictures coming up later; waiting for Wai Hon to send them to me.


Happy 1 year!!!

We ate at Vienna international buffet, which cost $74. Lucky me, I didn't have to pay for the bill coz 'the man wears the pants'. LOL.

They had oysters, sashimi, crabs, prawns, etc.

Free flow of red wine and cocktail too!!!

Overall, it was pretty good. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Too bad we were too busy eating to take any pictures.

(Thanks for your gift. Really, I loved it.)



So LG just came up with a contest where you have to take a photo with a transparent object, and get your friends to vote for you on Facebook. The top 6 contestants get to win a LG GD900, a.k.a. the TRANSPARENT KEYPAD PHONE!!!

Isn't it just damn chio!!!!

Anyway, LG is good enough to give away 6 FREE PHONES, so I thought I might as well grab the chance.

Here are my entry photos:

Please vote for me by clicking on this link so that I might win. Each person is allowed to vote once every 24 hours, so please vote for me as often as you can!!!!

Here's the link again:



P.S.: Last night, I asked several friends to vote for me and they said they did, but funnily their names didn't appear on my "friends who voted for Rachel" list. =(

Please don't do that. It's very hurtful.

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