Monday, 12 October 2009



For the past two days, I've been lugging around my tutorial book (that's where all my tutorials are; would never do without it), file (all important stuff inside; I'd never live without my trusty file) and organizer/notebook (filled with deadlines and to-do stuff!! Just steal my notebook and I'll be utterly lost) to and fro all around campus but never touched any of them.

In my bag, I brought along:

Math tutorials.
Japanese Language homework.
Mechanics of Materials tutorials.
Electric and Electronics tutorials.

Last night, I lugged my tutorials to the reading room, flipped to my math tutorial, and connected to the WiFi via iPod. Started reading for the next 1 hour or so, and then watched a movie on the laptop.

By 1.30 a.m., my math was still sitting in front of me. Untouched.

In only 2 days, I have already carried said tutorial book, file, and notebook to the following places:

Lecture hall.
Tutorial rooms.
Kevin's room.
Reading room.
Computer room.
Back to my room.
To Hall 8 Function Hall.
Kevin's room.
Back to my room.
Again to the reading room.
Back to computer room.

It's really surprising how one backpack can travel to so many places in 48 hours, with minimal zero usage of its contents.

Only just now, I spent 4 whole hours on my math tutorial, and I managed to solve 2.5 questions out of 21.

Two days of idling, and now this. What joy.

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