Saturday, 17 October 2009


“The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping gets you started and the tears begin to well up, the next thing you know you just can’t stop!”
-Like Water For Chocolate, page 3-

So there's this website called Cursor Mania, which apparently allows you to change your computer cursor to any design you wish, other than your boring old arrow pointer.

Which I think is cool.

Lookit all the cutesy cursors!!!

Now, look. Isn't this cool?

My cursor is currently a cute flower with orange petals and blinking eyes.

Sorry for the lack of updates again; exams are coming in precisely 34 more days and I've not started on stocking up my brain with useless information just yet.

Last night was hectic. Bad mood. Don't ask.

Here's my art piece:

Can you guess what it is?


Here's 10 seconds for you.



It's a lion. Duh.

If you're wondering how I did it, it's fairly simple. First, I drew the black outline using a black marker, then I scanned it onto my computer, cleaned it up a little, and then added color to it using Adobe Photoshop.

Haha. I am so talented, no?

Am currently reading Like Water For Chocolate; it's a book about Tita, a girl who is forbidden to love and marry, because of her unfortunate fate of being the youngest daughter, hence, having to take care of her mother until the day she dies.

As all love stories are, Tita then goes against the family tradition and falls in love with Pedro. With the two of them so in love with each other but not being able to get married, Pedro then decides to instead marry Tita's sister just to be able to get close to her.

Genre of book?

Magical realism.

Chickens forming tornadoes, body heat setting bathrooms on fire, teardrops making people puke, love making so intense it emits fireworks.

All happening in "reality". Or so it happens oh-so-apparently in the book.

You guessed it. I'm reading this book for my Introduction to Magical Realism course, alongside with other books like Metamorphosis and Of Love and Other Demons.

Remember that Metamorphosis 1000-word assignment I mentioned a few blog entries back?

I'll post it up here once I get that assignment back. I can't do it now coz if I do and the professor hasn't gone through my assignment just yet, when he does, he might think I plagiarized from some smart scholar, a.k.a. "Raedarling".

Here's for laughs:

I'm still not getting used to having a round animated object as my cursor; I keep pointing and clicking at the wrong places.

Never mind. At least it's still cute.

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