Tuesday, 27 October 2009


There are managers so preoccupied with their e-mail messages that they never look up from their screens to see what's happening in the nondigital world.
-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -

First off, watch this 2-minute video. Go on, watch it. It won't take long.

Spent 2 whole hours last night personalizing my desktop. It now looks like this:

Fig 1: My new desktop.

Click on its front wall, and the view changes to this:

Fig 2: Side view.

Cool, huh?

Just in case you're wondering, yes those images you see hanging on the wall are actually programs and files; I varied their sizes according to order of importance; the bigger the image is, the more important the file/program is.

See that FUCK icon on the left? It's actually my 'uni' folder where all my academic stuff are. The 'home movies' poster lying on the floor is actually my "Movies" folder where all my movies are. That big patch of comic? That's my tasks.

See tiny Stitch hanging on the right? That's my screenmate, Stitch. It's a program where Stitch crawls all around your computer screen, making weird noises and stuff. He even picks his nose occasionally and throws his nose poo onto your desktop. The lamb beside Stitch is another screenmate, Lamb. He is similar to Stitch, but less annoying.

See that stressed out cartoon guy on the floor? He's my Stress Reducer. It's a program which allows you to destroy your desktop without literally smashing it (hence costing an arm and a leg for repairs afterwards, when you later find yourself no longer in a state of insanity).

This is what you call vandalizing your room without getting grounded:

Fig 1: Illustration of how Stress Reducer works effectively for your computer and your health. Note cracks and termites on floor. How zen.

Of course, personally, I'd rather put this brilliant program to better use:

Fig 2: Illustration of how I might misuse Stress Reducer against my enemies.

Yeah, be so jealous of my newly pimped desktop. You know you are.

Wanted to illustrate further by taking a video of my desktop with all those cool Bumptop features and stuff, but there was a technical problem that made me go "WAHHHHHT THAAA FFFF...."

So there you go.

I'm a tech noobie.


On an unrelated note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAN THENG!!

Here are your presents:

Sorry that I uploaded the pictures of me with your presents instead of those pictures of you with your presents. LOL.

P.S.: That birthday card was handmade by ME. Yours truly. Thank you, thank you no need to compliment me but since you're already doing it I'll accept it anyway.

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