Friday, 9 October 2009

long, long post on dessert, uni life, and whateveriusuallyblogabout.

"If you're not sure whether to memorize a formula or not, just ask me if I can memorize it. If I can, you must too. If I can't, then you also no need."
-Prof. Chan Siew Hwa, my Thermodynamics lecturer-

Disclaimer: This is gonna be a pretty long post, due to my lack of stress today (lucky me!), hence having more time to blog, and also due to many events happening of late, and I will not be responsible for homicide if you die of boredom.


I feel so damn relieved right now; like I'm suddenly free from stress or something. (Ha, ha. That's also why I've finally found the time to blog today.) Temporary euphoria. Wait till tonight. Oh gosh, tutorials are piling up.

See, euphoria's gone. Wait till tonight my ass.


HAAGEN DAZS BUFFET!!! (I know you're craving for some.)

Went for Haagen Dazs eat-all-you-can promotion, for only $ 19.90 per pax!!!!

Ice-cream haven!!!

I ate 6 and a half scoops of ice-cream (Belgium Choc, Tiramisu, Raspberry Sorbet, Green Tea, Rum Raisin, Cookies and Choc; the other half scoop, long story), and then I was damn stuffed.

Kevin ate 7 scoops while Leslie ate 9.



Excuse me horr, though one scoop is actually quite little, (and yes, I agree that 6 scoops of ice-cream ain't that much either) but why don't you go try? Very filling one leh!

I skipped lunch on purpose for this Haagen Dazs thingy, thinking that the hungrier I was, the more ice-cream I could eat, and I thought I could eat like 10 or 20 scoops of ice-cream or so.

On the contrary.

By the time lunch time came by, I was starving like hell and I was craving for solid food so much that I didn't feel like eating ice-cream anymore. Not that I had a choice, I was already sitting there waiting for my first order of Rum Raisin, Green Tea, and Tiramisu.

It didn't help that the mini-TV in the bus I was on featured a western chef preparing roasted lamb marinated with red wine.

On the way there, I was already thinking "Why don't we scrape this ice-cream idea altogether and go for a western cuisine instead?"

Why, oh why do people have to think of silly ideas such as TV-installment in public buses?

Not that it really mattered much later on, coz despite my hunger pang, I can say I still pretty much enjoyed my ice-cream. No more "You can't order anymore coz it's expensive and we're on a budget" or "Shit, why does every extra order cost so much more" !!!!!

This is practically the first time in my life I feel guilt-free while eating ice-cream.

Otherwise, everytime my mother buys a pint of Haagen Dazs home, she always tells me not to take big helpings so that the ice-cream won't finish too fast, and I'm always craving for more after the first helping. =(

It's nice to eat without having to worry about how much you pay. Of course, that is, if you are already prepared to pay a (not-so-cheap) amount in the first place.

I love Haagen Dazs.


Of professors and antics.

I've noticed that professors in my university love showing off.

"Let me share my study tips with you. You know my study tips can be trusted, because I graduated with a First Class Honours."

"You say you don't have time, but why don't you save time by reading your lecture notes in the bus, in the MRT, or whenever you go to the toilet? You say that means you don't have a life, but look at my life. I have more than 5 C's (The 5 Cs of Singapore, namely: Cash, Car, Credit card, Condominium, and membership(s) of Country club). What can you say about my life now?"

"Obviously, my Statistics are better than yours."

"I was previously a CEO in a car manufacturing company, and then I resigned and became the CEO of another company, before coming here a few years ago to be the Head Professor of Mechanical Engineering."

Of course, some are just plain eccentric:

Professor to students: (After a two-hour boring lecture) So, what have you learnt today?
Students: Nothing.
Prof: Don't hurt my feelings; I have a weak heart, you know. *proceeds to explaining what we (supposedly) have learnt today.*

My Mechanics of Materials lecturer displays a screen every 30 minutes of interval during his lecture, and students can actually text message their questions to a certain phone number, and their message will appear on the screen. This is so that other people can also read the question, and at the end of 5 minutes, the lecturer removes the screen and answers the questions posted.

Of course, as you can guess, only 5% of the students asked questions, and the other 95%... well... I'll just show you what messages are sometimes displayed:

Student 1: The guy sitting beside the left door, STOP SLEEPING!

At moment of display, everyone turns left and looks at a guy, still slumped on the desk, snoozing away.

Student 2: The girl in red looks HOT!!!

I texted back, "Thanks for your compliment. -Girl in Red-"

Student 3: MU lost last night!! (sniggers from a few students)

Student 4: Sir, why do we have to have exams? Why is life so stressful?

To which the lecturer then replied, "This is life."

Student 6: Really? Yay!!!

To which the lecturer replied, "The quiz goes on as usual."

This text message system became so popular among students that there was once when the lecturer had to fix some technical problems. So he said "Sorry for letting you wait, I have to fix this. In the mean time, why don't you entertain yourselves", and turned the screen on.

Reminds me of parents who say "go watch TV" to their kids to temporarily stop them from bugging.


My 14-inch laptop is seriously killing me. I am NOT going to carry this around on campus for another 2.5 years of my uni life.

Like seriously, if I didn't want to carry my computer around, wouldn't it be better if I got a desktop instead; and if I did want to carry my computer around, wouldn't it be smarter to get one 'carry-able' instead of a 14-inch 2 kg one?

A laptop is meant to to a portable computer, so I want it to be as portable as possible.

I spotted this at Popular yesterday:

7 inch touch screen laptop!!!

Only $699.

I'll ask if my parents are willing to get it for me. I am NOT going to lug my 14 inch laptop around campus anymore.


Project idea - rejected.

I came up with an idea for my EID (Engineering Innovation and Design) project of how to make baby walkers safer for babies to use. I proposed installing a sensor which would automatically stop the baby walker from moving when it senses a stair nearby, hence, preventing babies from falling and hurting themselves.

If you don't know what a baby walker is, here's an illustration:

However, my professor rejected my idea. =(

He says that if consumers actually trust my new invention and if for some reason the sensor goes faulty, there goes their baby.

Maybe that's why this invention isn't in the market yet. And there I was, thinking "why the hell has nobody ever thought of this?"

P.S.: I don't know if I can go home this December. Project coming up. =(

P.P.S.: Maybe I should split this up into many short posts so that I can just grab one from my 'database of unposted posts' when I run out of ideas? Too lazy. Since I've already typed them out nicely, I might as well upload it.

P.P.P.S.: Mid-Autumn Festival celebration photos aren't up yet, will upload them ASAP. Thank you for your patience.


wai hon said...

wah..ur lecture seems interesting...

JETAI said...

trust me. don't get a 7 inch netbook. u'll regret it. u need at least a 10 inch one to see anything and for a decent sized keyboard. u can get 10 inch ones at 699 now. why the hell would u need a touch screen for a netbook? screen too small for you to touch anything hahaha

raedarling said...

wai hon: hmm..nt reli interesting lerr...most of d time i sleep..haha

jetai: good point. actually i was also worried if the screen is too small, but i was attracted by its light weight. haha. ok la 10 inch oso acceptable. lol