Sunday, 2 November 2008

Another HORRIBLE day.

Yesterday, I woke up early for a two-hour Physics lecture.

I. Had. Physics. Lecture. On. A. Freaking. Saturday. Morning.

I was thirty minutes late coz I overslept. After paying considerable attention for the next thirty minutes, I feel asleep for the whole of the second hour.

Wonder why I attended the lecture in the first place.

At least there got air conditioning. Better sleeping there than sleeping in my room. Lol.

After the lecture, I was sooooo sleepy I fell right back to sleep. Later, I arrived at church thirty minutes late coz I overslept. Again. Stupid freaking cab fare cost me $22.20.

After church, I had to go all the way to Bukit Batok coz I had some problems with my new phone. The stupid battery cover didn't close properly. Apparently, there's something wrong with the design/shaping/whatever. I stood at the roadside for ten whole minutes but I couldn't catch a single cab. I could walk to the MRT station which is just 15 minutes away, but I was too lazy. Having no choice, (it was apparent that I wouldn't be able to catch a cab) I walked.

When I was just about three minutes (yes, only THREE FREAKING MINUTES AWAY) from the MRT station, I FINALLY caught a cab.

Lucky me.


I checked the cab but I couldn't see any device for NETS payment (i.e., payment by ATM card).

My wallet was almost empty. I was (yes, though I hate to admit it) cashless.

How embarrassing; I didn't have enough money to pay for my cab fare.

So, I told the cab driver to turn back to the MRT station.

A brief, five minute cab ride which took me practically nowhere cost me $5.

In addition, the cab driver told me that considering the traffic jam, it would probably be faster if I took the MRT anyway.

First, I wasted time coz I couldn't catch a cab. Next, I wasted time and energy walking to the MRT station, of where I finally caught a cab. Then, I realised I didn't have money to pay for it. Hence, I wasted even more precious time in the cab. Not to mention, the FIVE FREAKING BUCKS. Finally, to receive news from the cab driver that I would probably save more time (and money) if I took the MRT instead.

Double, triple, quadruple pissed off.

If only I had just walked straight to the MRT station after church, I would have saved myself a whole lot of time and money.

After an awfully long ride, I finally arrived at the Bukit Batok MRT station. There was an ATM machine there.

YAY!!! CASH!!!

But when I stuck my card into the machine, it said "We are currently unable to dispense cash. Sorry for the inconvenience caused."



Feeling even more pissed off than ever, I went to the Singtel store.

Stupid que was awfully long. Again, I had to wait.

As if waiting for a cab, waiting in the MRT, and wasting lots and lots of precious time isn't enough.

When it was finally my turn, the girl who served me told me to wait while she changed a new battery cover for me.

See? Wait again. Sigh...

Then... Voila!

The new cover didn't fit either. She said that there must be something wrong with the phone and I'd have to change the whole handset if I wanted it fixed.

So, she said, "Please wait while I get a number for you."


I was about to explode.

After I got my number, I had to wait another 10 minutes.

When I was finally served, the attendant told me that if I wanted to change my handset, I'd have to bring along the box which the phone came in when I first purchased it coz they needed the serial number which was on the box or something.


I didn't bring the box.

I was so frustrated that I was speechless.

She asked me to come back the next day, because if I came any later than that, my request wouldn't be entertained anymore coz the exchangeable period was only seven days after purchase.

I took the public transport back to campus.

No more cabs for me.

By the time I reached back, it was already 7.30 p.m..

I wasted THREE WHOLE FUCKING HOURS, and I accomplished nothing.

My mood was worsened by the fact that I could have spent the time studying for my exam, which is due in 10 days.

So, today, I went back to Singtel.

I finally got to exchange for a new phone.

So much time, so much energy, so much money.

Just because my phone's battery cover couldn't close properly.


Sometimes, you just wonder how much your sacrifices are actually worth.

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