Sunday, 2 November 2008

Garlic bread.

A few days ago, I was procrastinating in K1's room as usual, cursing the horribly humid weather.

I was telling him about how my friends and I cooked pasta and garlic bread together for dinner.

Me: Hey, why don't we cook garlic bread together? It'll be fun.
Him: Huh??? Now???
Me: Yeah, why not?

Can't blame me. I love doing things unplanned.

Him: Okay... But I dunno how to cook garlic bread wor...
Me: Don't worry, I know. My friends and I cooked before. (A half-lie. They cooked, I helped by being the amateur food critic.)

So, out of the blue, we decided to cook garlic bread.

We walked to the nearby mini mart to get some ingredients.

Butter, bread, garlic, and garlic powder.

First, I applied butter on both sides of the bread while he chopped the garlic into tiny pieces. Then, I showered the buttered bread with lots (and I mean lots) of garlic powder. On both sides. Finally, I sprinkled the chopped up garlic onto the bread. Also on both sides. I used up the whole loaf of bread and the whole bar of butter.

Of course, in the process, there were lots of trials and errors...
"Oi, I thought you said you cooked before with your friends????" "Yeah, I helped them taste the food..."

He fried them to a aromatic, golden brown.


Okay, maybe it doesn't look too good in the picture, but still. We cooked it all by ourselves!!!

Thus, we wasted three hours of studying time cooking garlic bread.

Exam's coming so awfully soon.


UPDATE: When I came back today, my roomie was already asleep, while still hugging a bear. I suspect it's given by her boyfriend, since she told me she was going to visit him yesterday. Aww... How sweet!!! (I know this is none of my business, but I just felt like saying it here coz I'm happy for her. Lol.)

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