Thursday, 18 September 2008

My typical study night (and the morning after)

7 p.m.: A nice, hot bath. *Full force motivation!!*

8 p.m.: A cup of coffee. *highly caffeinated*

9 p.m.: A cup of hot chocolate. *energised*

10 p.m.: A cup of hot tea. *revitalised*

11 p.m.: Livita / Red Bull. *Re energised*

12 a.m.: Mc Donald's. *tummy filled*

1 a.m.: Shandy. *stress reduced*

2 a.m.: Coffee again. *reawakened*

3 a.m.: Plain water. *thirst quenched*

5 a.m.: Pee. *bladder emptied*

6 a.m.: Bed time. *finally getting some real rest*

8 a.m.: Breakfast. *finally getting some real food*

9.30 a.m.: Materials Science and Physics lecture. *lesson absorption rate negligible*

11.30 a.m.: Back to bed.

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adelynyeoh said...

waahhh. your timetable!