Monday, 22 September 2008

The difference...

You know that you've settled down in Singapore when back in Malaysia you...

1. Poke at any screen you see, thinking they're touch-screen.
2. Forget how to use a remote control.
3. Forget how to turn on the toilet lights, thinking they're activated by movement sensors.
4. Pinch your nose when you walk into public toilets.
5. Try to pay for your purchases with your ATM card instead of cash.
6. Think how cheap everything is.
7. Complain about the horribly, extremely, awfully slow Internet connection.
8. Impatiently wait for YouTube videos to load.
9. Get so pissed off waiting for ages for the public bus.
10. Have friends commenting that you speak Singlish instead of Manglish.
11. Feel damn outdated about Malaysia's political issues.
12. Wonder who Ahmad Ismail is.

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