Sunday, 14 September 2008

shopping vs studying

Went shopping yesterday.

Bought heels!!! Pretty ones!!!!

Also stocked up on snacks, stationery's, and tissue paper.

Feeling terribly guilty right now coz I didn't study much last night.


Whoever said Further Math was hard is SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME.

For those of you A-Levels students who are considering taking Further Math, go for it! You may regret taking the subject a few months down the road and some of you may even feel like giving up, but if you persevere to the end, I promise you, you'll do MUCH BETTER in uni compared to those who didn't take the subject.

Most importantly, Further Math isn't hard at all. On the contrary, it's like damn freaking easy.

All of a sudden, A-Levels seems like child's play.


Close eyes also can get A.

Of course, in uni, although the text books seem very thick and the notes seem to be jibberish, and the students there seem to be able to comprehend every single thing they read, the scanario is not what you think it is. Yes, the text books are thick and the notes seem like they printed in a foreign language, but it is not true that the students' abilities are as high as what you may perceive.

I don't understand half of the stuff I read.

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The Guilty Princess said...

*salute* that's the reason why I'm taking Accounting and not Engineering or any other maths related subjects. Scared of FM already...