Sunday, 21 September 2008

12 hour marathon

Last Thursday night, I started on my Life Science coz my CA was on the very next day. I had dinner at 5 p.m., put on my Full Force Victory bandana at 6 p.m., and began studying.

*study, study, study*

At about 7 p.m., I was beginning to get a little tired so I walked to the nearby mini mart to buy myself a drink.

Shandy greatly relieves stress. You should try some. =)

Then, I resumed studying. With the occasional toilet break. And also snack breaks.
Oh, yes. MSN breaks, too.

12 hours later, at 6.30 a.m., I finally finished studying. Just on time for my CA, which would begin in 3 hours time. Which meant I had another 2 hours of sleep to catch up on, and then another hour to get ready.

I should be thankful I still had two hours to rest my eyes and my head.

My zombie-like body crawled out of bed at 8.30 a.m..

At 9.30 a.m., my CA began.

About half of the questions seemed alien to me.

At 9.40 a.m., I finished my CA.

I trudged back to my room and went right back to bed.

Twelve hours of non-stop studying for a stupid ten minute test, of which I screwed up.

My Physics lecture was at 11.30 a.m.. So, I awoke again at 11 a.m..

And took a bus to the nearest shopping mall.

Watched a stupid horror movie, Mirrors. Scared myself like hell.

I picked scaring myself silly over Physics lectures.

After the movie, I hurried back for my Econs tutorial class, which started at 2.30 p.m.. I strolled into the tutorial room at 3 p.m., when the tutor was just about to begin on the final question.

Better late than never, right?



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