Sunday, 30 March 2008

This post is going to ruin your mood.

Disclaimer: Reading this post will be carried out at the reader's own risk. The administrator and author of this blog will not be responsible for the ruining of moods or any mental discomfort caused.

Life's getting mundane again.

Monday. First day of school. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Tuesday. Second day of school. Still hating it.

Wednesday, I'm halfway through the week.

Thursday. Sigh... I still have one final day of work.

Friday. Why isn't it Saturday yet??? I still have to go to school!!!!!

Saturday. YAY!!!! NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

Sunday. Shit. I've got work the next day.

And it's back to Monday.

I hate my (current) life.


Kevin's coming back this Wednesday!!! Yay!!!! We're planning to hang out on Thursday, after school. I soooooo can't wait. Thursday is Sports Day, so I won't be doing any teaching. Which is very lucky for me, because I won't be able to concentrate on teaching anyway.

Excitement's getting at me.


Took the driving pre-test today. It went pretty well. I think I can honestly say that I do have some inborn talent at driving. Maybe one day, I might be a professional car racer. A considerable option, if I don't get into university. Lol.

I love speed.

Really, I do.

I heard there's this go-kart track (you pay some rental money and you get to have a go-kart race with your friends) somewhere at KL. Let's go try it out.

Up for a challenge, anyone?


Moving house soon. I promise, I'll upload photos of my new home when it's ready. Which will be somewhere around April.


Went shopping with parents for household appliances today. For the new house. From 12 p.m. to FIVE IN THE FUCKING EVENING.

I was tired, nauseous, sweaty, hot, sleepy, thirsty, constipated (yes, I was sort of in an uncomfortable state of constipation. Literally.) and dizzy (from looking up at ceilings and spinning fans too much, when we were shopping for ceiling fans). And I so wanted to swear audibly. Unfortunately, my parents were in hearing proximity.

In short, I felt fucked up. No, wait. I was fucked up.


I really can't wait for Kevin to be back.

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