Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stressed out again.

I've never felt this stressed out since my A Level exam was over.

A pile of test papers are sitting on my study table, waiting to be corrected. And I'm just so damn lazy to do it 'cause:

1. I've been looking at the same questions over and over again and I'm going insane if i read them one more time.
2. There are so many different answers - a whole variety of them - and I'm getting a migraine deciding whether to mark them right or wrong. Especially to those 'technically/partially correct but not what I really asked for' kind of answers.
3. Students. Hand writings. Illegible. They're connected.
4. Grammar. Sentence structure. Horrible. They're closely connected.
5. 'Smart' students, 'smart' answers. The only unfortunate thing is that apparently, they didn't think it'd might be a better idea if they actually studied for the test.
6. Copycats. They're abundant.

I'm also supposed to study that chapter on Nutrition because I'm gonna have a lesson on that tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm still having a hard time remembering which vitamin prevents Goiter. And which foodstuffs contains iron. And why carrots are good for our body. At least I know vitamin C prevents scurvy. I know that's supposed to be like some general knowledge or something, but I can't help but boast.

I know vitamin C prevents scurvy!!! Yay!!!! I'm smart!!!

And I also know that diary products contain calcium, which helps strengthen our bones.

Told you I'm smart.


School ended at 1.25 p.m. today. Had a short lunch with Kevin and friends.

Sadly, his lunch break was only 1 to 2 p.m.

He left immediately after lunch.

Feeling abandoned, I went grocery shopping alone at a nearby plaza.

Grocery shopping. Alone.

Trust me, when you feel really, really, really bored and lonely, even grocery shopping can lighten up the mood. I bought a whole box of energy bars (yippee!! Now I have a well-stocked supply for quick snacks in between classes for the next two weeks! The energy boost might just help improve my teaching. Or maybe it could fill my empty tummy when I'm just too busy to get something to eat from the canteen) and a bottle of Spritzer fizzy mineral water.

I'm beginning to think if it might be a better idea if I chose to rot at home instead of being eaten up by my work load at school.

Either way, I die.

I don't see much difference. I might as well enjoy the final moments of my life before I leave.


Election heat is high.



And remember to laugh real loud. The absurdity of our country's politicians.

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Jasryn said...

HAHAHA. Iodine prevents goitre. It's a mineral. The chapter on nutrition must be my favourite. I'm a freak!