Friday, 7 March 2008

From a (inexperienced) teacher's view.

School holidays are finally here!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

I think I'm happier and even more excited about the school holidays than any other school student you could ever think of.

No more stress. No more yelling at the top of my voice and getting daily sore throats. No more stressful and confusing lesson planning. No more sweating like hell in the hot and humid air condition-less classrooms and staffroom. No more hurrying around the school in difficult heels. No more blisters on my feet. No more waking up at the awfully ungodly hour of SIX IN THE FREAKING MORNING.

Best of all, no more feeling guilty for demeriting students!!!


Can't blame me, you know. I've got a soft spot, especially for students with grave expressions when I'm writing in the discipline file. It gets worse when I remember that only yesterday, I was happily joking and sharing secrets with them, feeling loved and accepted.

Some of them requested that I give them a photo of myself.

I'm charging them RM 1.50 each.

I really wished I could distribute my picture for free (Lol, that sounded so vain and wrong), but it's just too costly. I've calculated the cost and I'd have to spend at least 20 bucks for it. I don't wanna pay for my job when I've not even received my first pay yet.

Besides, even with the 1.50 charge, I'm gonna lose some money.

12 photos for RM 21.00. Each student pays RM 1.50, so I'll only receive 18 bucks.

Today was a freaking stressful day. Had three classes of P.E. and I was sweating like hell in the hot, stuffy and dirty gym. With almost half the students 'forgetting' to bring their P.E. t-shirts, I had no choice but to write in their discipline files.

I hate it when students make me do things I really don't want to do.

And you always have to yell across the gym five freaking times before they actually acknowledge your presence.

But at the end of the day, after I finished the lesson (in which only three students listened attentively to; the rest were either sleeping, talking, or playing) my students had a 'bonding session' (apparently, most of them were more interested in 'bonding' with me rather than listen to my teaching) with me and I have to admit, I really did have fun. I found myself really laughing at their jokes and all my smiles were genuine. I joined in their conversations and listened to their gossips with much interest.

Today, I was also especially proud of a student (I now have slight regret that I didn't tell her how I felt) for achieving the highest score in the Science test. Among all her classmates, she was also the only student who passed. She's also one of my favorite students and one of the few I fully trust.

I know some of you (or maybe most) are probably thinking "Puh-lease, I've always been a straight A's achiever. So she passed. What's the big deal?"

A month ago, I would have thought the same thing.

However, seeing students so weak in their studies, you can't help but begin to worry a little about them. And when they do achieve something out of your expectations, it's inevitable that you'd feel proud of their achievements.

Being a teacher must have probably stirred up my maternal instincts.

Where are my vulgarities??? My sarcasm?? My bias towards others whom I unjustly hate? My heartless insults???

OMG, this is so not me.

This job is seriously gonna get me thoroughly brain-washed.

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Jasryn said...

And to think, it was only a while ago that we were the students doing all that stuff and trying to distract all the young, new teachers with gossip and stuff. =) So, like the view from the other side?