Thursday, 13 March 2008

Shopping. Again.

School holidays are here. And what else would I be doing, if not indulging in my favorite past time?


Fuhhhh. It's been WEEKS (Weeks, I'm telling you. Weeks!!!) since my last shopping trip. My clothes are getting ancient.

Two days ago, a very excited and enthusiastic Rachel got dressed and armed for the big event.

I know, I know. It sounds as though I were a little kid, being let out by my parents for the very first time. What to do? My job is tying me down.

So, on that Tuesday morning, I got up early, got dressed, and went to the bus stop.

It took the bus THIRTY WHOLE FREAKING MINUTES TO ARRIVE. By then, half my body had already melted into human goo. And my other half (the skeletal frame) was covered in cobwebs and dust.

At least the bus was air conditioned.

I finally arrived at Queensbay ONE HOUR LATER. I seriously hate public transport.

Shopped, shopped, and shopped some more.

1. A cute shirt from MNG. It was blood-suckingly expensive, but I fell in love with it at first sight. My shopping instincts got the better of me.

RM 90.00.

2. Another really cute (but rather tight fitting) shirt from Roxy. Fell half in love with it. The other half? Peer pressure.

It wasn't me. Blame my friends. They told me to do it.

RM 70.00.

3. A plain white button-up blouse from Padini.

RM 62.00.

4. A white bra. Because a teacher must give good example to the students. Cannot wear white blouse with coloured bra inside. Very indecent.

RM 10.00.

Spent 50 freaking bucks at TGI Friday's. What to do. The food nice mah.

Today, I went shopping again. At Gurney.

Didn't spend as much today, though. All I bought was a pair of heels. (And I'm also proud to say that I overcame my temptation of buying on impulse. I'm a gooooood girl!!! Praise me!!) Most of my cash (which wasn't much left over from Tuesday's shopping spree) contributed to fulfilling my carnal instinct...


Or rather, my craving for food. Regardless of whether I'm hungry or not.

List of food I ate since I arrived at Gurney:

1. 1901's hotdog.
2. Chilli's burger.
3. Popcorn (during a movie).
4. Supper at Gurney Drive's hawker centre: Pandan chicken, fried chicken skin (with lots of fats and oil), chestnuts, and sugar cane juice.

When I arrived home, it was already 11 p.m..

I'm now fat, broke, and wasted.

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