Tuesday, 25 August 2009

third week. cool.

"Silence is golden."

It's already the third academic week and I'm pleased (and inwardly proud) to inform you that I'm gradually beginning to get into study mode.

Heck, I actually used my highlighter on my text book last night~!!


Woke at 9 in the friggin' morning *applause* today, and went to the library at 10 to print some stuff; I can't use my printer yet coz I still don't have a room. *cries*

Yes, yours truly is still a poor homeless squatter.

For the first time in three weeks, I was TEN WHOLE MINUTES EARLY for my lecture!!!

*applause again*

At least I thought I was.

At 10.30 a.m. sharp, I noticed that everyone around me looked vaguely unfamiliar. I checked my timetable and realized that instead of the usual lectures at LT 1A, on every Tuesday, my morning lecture is at LKC.

Of course, as every NTU student knows, walking all the way from LT1A to LKC is no easy feat.

At least not for me.

In the end, I was *surprise surprise* 15 minutes late for lecture - again, very usual of me - just that this time, it wasn't my fault. At least not technically.

I didn't over sleep! So it's not my fault for being late!

Took shuttle bus A from Old Canteen A to the ADM bus stop, which took me 15 minutes, coz the bus took me on a little tour around practically almost the whole campus - plus, the bus kept stopping at two minute intervals; guess I was just too lazy to walk the 5 minute distance which was just one bus stop away.

Currently in my room typing away coz I'm way too lazy to attend the Electrical and Electronics tutorial which is held... uh... let's see... right now.

Am going shopping instead; excuse is that I'm running low on shorts supplies.

Shorts as in, those rectangular strips of cloths girls use to wrap around their buttocks and crotches; shorts nowadays seldom serve as leg coverings anymore - we've got sexy panty hoses for that.

Saw that cute pair of shorts from Fox, gonna get it later.

Maybe gonna catch a movie; excuse is that I just got my debit card from OCBC, which means that I get $2 off my movie ticket.

Just found out that there's actually a DVD rental shop at Boon Lay, gonna check that out too. At least it'd be cheaper than going to the cinema all the time.

Thought this would just be a very short update, but turns out I got long winded again and my fingers wouldn't stop dancing across my keyboard.

Guess there's a whole lot to update on my life huh.

Notice the change in writing style. Yes, I'm getting snappy. Besides, I'm already running late on getting my Fox shorts because of this.

Okay, gonna wash my face, throw on the last pair of shorts I've got, and off I go.


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