Wednesday, 5 August 2009

FOC day 2.

-Tired Rae-

Today marks the end of the second day of FOC (freshmen orientation camp) and I'm DARN EFFING FRUSTRATED AND TIRED.

AND, AND, AND, to top it all up, I HAVEN'T GOT A ROOM TO STAY IN. I so do not *insert foul word* want to live out of campus, where I have to travel to class every single *insert foul word* day.

Today was pretty fun, though. Cheers, games, and all.


On a lighter note, Little Grassies finally have our own official t-shirt!!!

After almost about a year of meaning to have our own official 'club shirt', we finally stopped procrastinating and went about scouting for suitable plain t-shirts (pink shirts from Giordano) and drawing our own designs (fabric pens from Popular) on them.

Here's us designing...

Me drawing the 'cao' word.

Drawing the grass...

"I'm running out of green ink!!"

Kevin with his completed shirt.

Me with my completed shirt.

We wore them during today's FOC opening ceremony!! Woo hoo~~

More pictures of us in Little Grass official shirt coming up soon!!

Feeling darn sleepy now, plus I've gotta wake up early tomorrow to bring them freshies to MAE school talk.


P.S.: I can't wait for A Walk To Remember on day 4 of FOC!!! It's gonna be loads of fun!!

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