Monday, 10 August 2009

FOC day 3 - 7

I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.
-Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford, "Identity Crisis," M*A*S*H-

Phew!!! FOC 09' is finally over and I've finally got the chance to get some beauty sleep!

It was a whole lot of fun, plus, my Orientation Group, Eumaeus, got the BEST OG AWARD!!! *skips and somersaults*

Come Day 3, most of the freshies were already kinda hyped up, though some were still a little shy. Banner drawing!!! My job? To refill the paint. Boring, I know. But still. At least I got to gossip. ^^

On Day 4, we had Speed Dating, which was actually pretty interesting. All the freshies are blindfolded, and then paired up with a person of the opposite sex. Then, they're supposed to hold each other's hands and talk for 2 minutes, before swapping partners. This goes on until they talk to at least 8 or 9 different girls/guys. Then, they get to pick their 3 top choices, and we would try our best to pair them according to their preferences.

Of course, as a senior, you'd get some (pretty fun) previleges; especially when all the freshies are blindfolded and you actually get the chance to eavesdrop and take silly pictures with them. *grins*

For speed dating pics, click here.

On Day 5, there was...


(a.k.a. terror walk. Don't ask. I wish I could post pictures for this -trust me; they'd be interesting to view- but due to some circumstances, well...)

Day 6, freshies finally got to meet the partner of their choice!! Everyone seems pretty satisfied. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope some romance blooms. Then they'd have to thank the seniors for matching them up!

Day 7 was the most fun day. Pool day!!! MSA's Next Top "Model"!!! A guy was picked out of each group, and were *poof* transformed into graceful ladies in 15 minutes.

Pictures of FOC not uploaded, due to the blogger's laziness. Here are links to the photos instead:

Link 1 (random pics by Boon Pin)

Link 2 (day 1 by Terry)
Link 3 (day 2 by Terry)
Link 4 (day 2 - intergames activities by Kok Xian)
Link 5 (day 3 by Terry)
Link 6 (day 6 by Kok Xian)
Link 7 (day 7 by Terry)
Link 8 (Oddysey FOC by Yu Yuan)
Link 9 (speed dating by Kok Xian)

Do take a look at how speed dating was conducted!!!

P.S.: Here's a picture of us Little Grass in our official tee:

Happy Family!!

Freshies who are interested to join Little Grass, please click here for more details. To apply for membership, simply send any of our officers/members a message and we will arrange a friendly interview for you asap. Thanks!!

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