Friday, 28 August 2009

surprise surprise

It's just my first day at Hall 15, but I'm beginning to hate it. For starters, it seems awfully far from civilization.

Don't even get me started on the bathrooms.

Lazy to explain; here's a MSN conversation between me and Wan Theng to enlighten you on my current bathroom situation.

Me: the cubicles wall doesn't reach until the floor. so the bottom got hole.

Theng: then?

Me: so when ppl bath, the water splash at me

Theng: wakaka got so serious or not wor.. use shower wat..

Me: and when i pee oso the beside ppl bath will splash water at me. the stupid wall la not connected to floor

Theng: wait. toilet n bathroom bside de?

Me: thats the bigger prob. is only one row of toilet and bathroom

Theng: means if ppl pangsaing , u bathing, then can smell lo

Me: and oso, got 3 bathroom oni. so i must stand there wait 5 min for ppl bath finish. and oso, the drain got blocked. so the water flooded the floor. the soap water cant go down

Theng: yucks

Me: today first day oni got bad experience. the ppl beside me bath, then her water all flood my place coz her place water cant go down the drain. haiz

As much as I'm genuinely happy to finally get a room of my own, I miss my previous squatting room.

Not so much of the bathroom problem.

Though it was more inconvenient, though it was smaller, though it wasn't a place I could call my own, though I had to sleep on the floor, though I didn't have internet connection, though I often felt like an intruder, though my wardrobe was just a cardboard box, though I had no study table of my own...

I miss the nightly talks and gossips. I miss being noisy. I miss squeezing and snuggling up.

It felt like a mini sleep over, (think pre-teens in overgrown bodies) where I could just come back to the comfort of the cozy tiny room, knowing that there would be familiar faces to say hello to. I miss having the feeling of actually looking forward to going back after a night of studying, because I knew I would be welcomed back with snappy but friendly and playful retorts.

Having a room of my own, I finally have a real wardrobe and not a mere cardboard box to fit my clothes and lecture notes. I have a real study table and a private place I can call my own.

However, I can't help but feel a tad lonelier.

I'm not too good when it comes to opening up about feelings and stuff, but I genuinely miss squatting. Not any kind of squatting, but the kind where you get to bond with your friends and get a little more snuggly with them.

If you know what I mean.

(I wonder if you guys felt the same.)

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