Friday, 20 March 2009


Sorry for the late update.

Haven't got anything interesting to blog lately.

I must have been too engrossed in either:

1. Procrastinating, bursting out in tears at random intervals for no apparent reason and being emotionally unstable due to unbearable academic stress, or

2. Studying.

I think I shall pick option (1).

As to date, life sucks.

Even that Sakae Sushi buffet I had two days
ago (Where my friends and I stacked up plate after plate to keep count of how much we had eaten) didn't help.

Here are the pictures of my Sakae Sushi buffet brunchner (breakfast + lunch + dinner):


Group pic!

Another group pic.

Sakae Sushi's trademark tea cup.

Eating wasabi!!

If Shane (right) didn't push away Adrian's (left) hand on time, he'd probably be crying from the wasabi's sting.

Adrian's (left) keeping his mouth as far as possible from the spoonful of wasabi.

Open wide, Kok Xian!

We all had green tea. Except for Leslie. Apparently, he prefered something with more taste.

Why snatch, when there's free flow of sushi?

My guess is that it's some kind of tempura prawn?

Oh, yes. There was this Japanese buffet I had last Saturday at Sakura, Orchard Road.

Pics on Facebook; too lazy to post them here.

Here's the first link (60 pics) and here's the second one (60 pics).

Signing off.

It's time to hit the books.

Literally. See how much I hate them?

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