Monday, 30 March 2009

I, You.

"You went really far, didn't you?"


"What was the end of this land like?"

"There was nothing there. But... It was bright. The sky was beautiful, and it made me want to show it to you. I thought that I wanted to see it through your drawings."

"I want to go there, too. I want to draw it..."

"How far can I go without looking back?

I think I just wanted to understand how important the things that I'm riding away from are."

-Takemoto, Honey and Clover-

"I'm in love with you."

Sometimes, at night, I love standing outside my room, feeling the cool breeze, just thinking of you.

I'd look over at the grass rooftop and think of the times we'd been there together during those late nights, drinking and talking and sharing about our past. Then, I'd look at the empty road leading to your room and my eyes would follow its route till it disappears behind the trees.

At times, I can see you walk down that road and I'd wish I was there walking with you.

Sometimes, I wished time would just stop. It's moving too damn fast; I can't even think right.

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