Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Old stuff

Oh. Mi. Gosh.

I was just missing some of the old Windows 8-bit games (with shitty graphics but still...) I used to play some ten years ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't very well remember the names of those old games...

I tried Googling descriptions of the games and it was fairly easy to find them:

1. Skifree

It was one of my all time favourites. As far as I can remember, I think I can vaguely recall that this was the first game I had ever played the first time my parents bought our very first Windows 95 family computer.

2. Jezzball
I don't remember playing this often, but I do recall that once when I was kinda hooked to it, until some point in the game where it got too difficult.

And then I gave up.

3. Rodents Revenge
This is the game that I can recall the most, which is strange, because this was also the game I got bored of the fastest, coz I couldn't seem to be able to be good at it, no matter how much I tried.

I think I had developed a love-hate relationship with it; I didn't very much liked the game but funnily, I wanted all the more to play it. I guess it's also partly coz this game was somehow erased from my computer only after a short period of time it was installed, and I kinda missed it.

Oh, well.

4. Chip's Challenge

Unfortunately, it was also one of the hardest to Google for, because I had no idea what the title was (what, you expect a 6 year old kid to remember the title of the games she plays?) and the game was hard to describe, coz apprently, I couldn't even recall what the game actually was about.

It's like telling the guy selling CD's that you are searching for your favorite song, but you can't tell him the title or the lyrics coz you forgot it, and you unfortunately can't hum the melody either coz you have forgotten it as well.

You can bet that CD guy is going to have a helluva hard time searching for your (in a way 'non-existent') song.

So how did I finally find this game?

Luck, I guess.

Damn, I miss those good old 8-bit games.


Gabriel said...


how could anyone forget those games??

I used to play ALL of them for hours and hours...

Especially rodent's revenge and chip's challenge. I think I've even completed chip's challenge.. Uber cool..

Can still remember the kind of sound that it makes.. hahah

Gabriel said...

skifree was very difficult

It'll come to a stage where a monster will chase you and eat you wan...

hahah.. have u ever passed that stage? I always die there..

raedarling said...

i think i completed chip's challenge...but im not sure. the last time i played it i was only a tiny tot and young as i was, the game was awfully challenging. i forgot the sound effects of chips challenge until i played it again last night...there's this weird 'umph' sound that he makes when he tries to push an unmovable object and the deep voice saying 'over'
when chip dies....hahahahaha so cute.

i dont remember skifree being difficult though....can't exactly remember a monster appearing but now that you've mentioned it, i can vaguely recall...