Saturday, 14 March 2009

NTU suicide cases

4 days after the suicide case of David, we come across another one.

This time, a member of the staff from NTU.

I didn't bother blogging about it at first, coz I didn't want my blog becoming a potentially boring place where opinions on a hot topic are repeated over and over, since it's pretty much assumed that by now, most bloggers in NTU would have blogged about it already.

I wouldn't want to bore my readers by repeating what other bloggers have said before.

However, considering the fact that two suicide cases in a week happening in the same place (i.e., NTU), I thought I might as well bring it up to provide to the already huge database of conspiracies and information.

(Partly also because I know that this topic is gonna attract more readers. I'm aiming to get my blog famous. Heh.)

I'm kinda against plagiarizing, so I might as well give you guys the link to what I think should pretty much sum up thee whole thing quite completely:

Taken from

For those of you who are too lazy to click on the link, in short, I think it's suspected that David did not commit suicide, and it might be that prof. Chan has somthing to do with it, since the second suicider, Zhou Zheng, was from the same lab as David, which coincidentally was under the care of prof. Chan.

Some sexual abuse thing.

Prof Chan is gay or something???

From the things I hear, my imaginative mind and cognitive schemata tells me that prof Chan probably abused David and Zhou Zheng sexually, resulting in the two victims being under extreme pressure and hence, killing themselves.

I'm such a good creative writer.


As far as I'm concerned, NTU is going to become a haunted university, nobody's gonna send their kids there, and NTU's ranking will drop till it reaches far beyond hell.

And then, I'm going to graduate from NTU 4 years later, not being able to find myself a job coz "NTU has a bad reputation for spawning psycho students and it's ranking is ten times lower than USM."

I'm screwed.

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