Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I'm glad I took up 'What Is Cinema?' as one of my elective courses in pursuing my Mechanical Engineering degree.

Yes, I do know quite well that mechanical engineering does not require any knowledge whatsoever on cinema, or the likes.

But what the heck.

As I said, I'm glad.

My lecturer's very eccentric (I mean, which lecturer actually uses the word 'fuck' so casually in front of a class of 150 students and openly expresses that he'd have no qualms on giving his student an A for her assignment if she was sleeping with him?) and I love his lectures coz there's practically nothing academic about it.

Last week, he let us watch a French movie, 'Blaise-moi'. Translated, it simply means, 'Fuck Me'.

I'm thankful I got to watch it coz according to the lecturer, the movie was banned in almost all the countries and he had a hard time getting a copy of it.

It's about two girls who go on a road trip with rampant sex, killing, and robbing.

I'm not going to tell you the synopsis; that's IMBd's job.

As you can probably guess by now, the movie is quite similar to porn (complete with erotic scenes, forced sex, rape, nude girls with full breasts, long dicks, blow jobs, and fuck pubs), except for the fact that this movie has 1.5 hours of run time compared to the average porn which lasts for only 15 minutes (that's my guess; I assure you, I have never laid my eyes on those damned perverted videos before), and unlike porn, the movie has a story line.

So, yes.

For 1.5 hours, I was sitting in the dark lecture theater together with some 150 other students, watching people fuck each other. Many different people fucking other different people, may I add.

In fact, you could pretty much get the whole package: Full breasts, shaved pussies, wet vaginae, and long, hard, dicks.

With some blood splattering scenes, as a bonus.

I notice this is getting more and more explicit.


Back to the point, aren't you just jealous that I got to watch 1.5 hours of porn/an interesting, unconventional movie?

I love my 'What is Cinema?' lecturer.

My advice to those who are contemplating taking up this course next semester: Remember to sleep with the lecturer. You might just get an A. Oh, and don't forget to remind him to let you watch Blaise-moi.

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