Friday, 24 April 2009

post exam.

I constantly find myself on this weird journey called life. As soon as I think I've reached my destination, I find myself smack in the beginning again.


Just about a month ago, I was busying myself with exams and I thought the torture would never end. Now that it's all suddenly over, I honestly don't know what to do with 24 hours a day.

My exam routine goes something like this:

Study, eat, sleep, study, eat, sleep, study, eat, sleep...

And the vicious cycle goes on and on and on. It almost drove me crazy.

There was once I was so emotionally unstable that I broke down into tears and sobbed the entire night. The next day, I was so hungover (yes, I get hangovers if I cried hard enough the night before) I couldn't concentrate on studying. All I wanted to do was close my tired eyes and rest my throbbing head.

I was so eager for all of it to be over, I even made a mental list of post-exam activities:

1. Train my DotA skills up to 5 insane AI+.
2. Go on a HUGE shopping spree.
3. Don't sleep for 24 hours, just for the fun of it.
4. Watch lots and lots of movies. Not the cheap $5 per VCD (original but outdated) kinda thing, but really going to the movies; that $7.50 per movie ticket kinda thing.
5. Treat myself to a posh and expensive dinner buffet (hopefully a Japanese buffet) somewhere at Orchard Road.

Etc. etc.

Now that it's all over, I seriously don't know what to do.

My current list of post-exam activities:
1. Do nothing.
2. Mope around, feeling bored.
3. Miss studying. (Gosh, I know - I totally can't believe it myself!)

I'm going to mope now.



I heard that the Thieve's Market near Bugis is pretty interesting. I hope I get to check it out before I go back to Penang.

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